Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mobile Adverts

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INSTALL (Android 2.2 or above)

Mobile Adverts

All adverts of the World in your pocket!

#1 ADS 
When you first start the application, you will see a list of advertisements without filter, advertisements from around the world and from all categories. By clicking or by selecting "see more" you can view other contact information and gallery.

Here you can search advertisements on Google map, visually select an advertisement or browse through the buttons on the bottom of the screen, or you want to search in a specific area in a circular range, then select the range in the menu and then with long click on the map you specify the center of the range.

There are more than 100 categories, you can select more than one category while browsing or select all categories   as a option.

Select a country or select All World

If you want to post first you need to log in with your e-mail and password or if it's the first time, you need to register, after a short time you will receive a message in your e-mail for verification by clicking on the link to verify you can log in. After log in you will see a list of your advertisements you have posted, but if the list is empty then create ad by filling the gaps in the form.

Here is the list of your favorites ads.

Available in English, We promise that if there is at least 1000 ads of appropriate country, the next version of the application will be translated into the appropriate language.

Please send us your feedback and suggestions to

Note on app permissions: Upon installation the app requests a couple of additional permissions to enable some of its functionality, see below an explanation of how the app uses them. 

- Storage: Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. This permission is required to allow the app access your photo gallery for uploading photos to your active ads, or when placing a new ad. The camera also requires the storage permission for writing photos to the SD card. 

- Your location: Approximate location (network-based), precise location (GPS and network based). 

- Camera: Take pictures. This permission is allow you take photos of your item when placing a new ad. 

- Phone calls: Permission to directly call phone numbers. This permission is required to allow you call advertisers that provided a phone number with their ad.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tango Milonguero

Download application
Android 3.0

App Tango Milonguero Skopje

Tango Milonguero Skopje offers its tango lovers yet another learning tool – the Android App is a brilliant opportunity to bring the traditional tango culture to all addicts of the marvelous Argentinian dance. The entire content can be found in both Macedonian and English.

The app consists of 5 sections:
  • The “About us” section introduces the TMS school; there is a link to the classes timetable which is being regularly updated by connecting the app to this blog, and there is also a contact information subsection which allows you to dial mobiles directly from the app.
  • The “Manuals” is an amazing tool in the pocket of every milonguero or milonguera – it consists of tango terminology, a subsection with lyrics of songs in Spanish and English, códigos (rules of behavior at a milonga), as well as two texts giving cabeceo advice for women and explanation on tango styles of dancing which may confuse.
  • The “Events” section refers to milongas and festivals in Skopje as well as to some significant tango events in the region and beyond. 
  • The “Multimedia” section gives links to ‘Milonguero radio’ (local radio show in Skopje), playlists with tango music, videos and photos. 
  • In the final section you can find some links of importance to Tango Milonguero Skopje. 

The app is free to download from the following link (via mobile with Android 3.0 or above)

    App Screenshots

    Апликација Танго Милонгеро Скопје

    Ако Танго е вашата страст зошто да не ја споделите со вашите пријатели? Можете да уживате во незаборавна Милонга и на многубројни Меѓународни Танго Фестивали директно од вашиот џеб. Не се мислете и споделете ја вашата страс за играње, превземете ја апликацијава!

    Бидете дел од танго заедницата и танго љубителите / танчери, на виртуелно место, преку фејс групата на Танго Милонгеро Скопје каде што можете да разговарате со пријателите и да запознаете нови луѓе, како и да ви даде можност да имате точен распоред од најпопуларните европски Милонги и Танго Фестивали секогаш со вас.

    Преземија веднаш, ако сте танго љубовник / танчерка, диџеј, фотограф, учител или само запуштен шармер во светот на Танго.

    TangoMilonguero е андроид апликација наменета за сите сегашни и идни фанови на танго милонгата

    Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    Hydraulic Seals

    Product Catalogue HYDRAULIC SEALS

    Download application
    Android 4.0
    All your product catalogue in one app:
    catalogue  app – for Android.
    Product catalogues are critical tools in your sales process.
    This catalogue app allows a nice presentation of your product information on modern mobile devices.
    Multi languages support. You can switch to another language at any time, even during a presentation.

    Product Presentation for Exhibitions and Events
    Show your products at exhibitions and events, simple and mobile.
    Spotlight on your product information: multimedia with images, texts, audio and video. Supported by interactive functions and multimedia demonstrations you can present your products in a thorough way, yet easy to understand and without missing out on the details.
    Your trade shows will become even more professional with customized content such as an integrated floor plan of your booth or a product recognition feature.

    Inline image 2

    Mobile Solution for Internal and External Sales Teams

    Get your clients excited by using an innovative and modern way to present your products. Get your sales force excited by using a tablet-sized catalogue.
    Product- and customer data, price information, shopping basket and – upon request – product configurations make up an intelligent sales tool. Using a modern tablet, you can take orders or requests in no time; leaving you with more time for what is really important: your customers.
    Inline image 3

    Customized Solutions

    Individual requests? We customize catalogue app according to your needs, for example by adding animations, product configurations or integrating the app in your company’s software environment. 

    Do not hesitate to contact us.