Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hydraulic Seals

Product Catalogue HYDRAULIC SEALS

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Android 4.0
All your product catalogue in one app:
catalogue  app – for Android.
Product catalogues are critical tools in your sales process.
This catalogue app allows a nice presentation of your product information on modern mobile devices.
Multi languages support. You can switch to another language at any time, even during a presentation.

Product Presentation for Exhibitions and Events
Show your products at exhibitions and events, simple and mobile.
Spotlight on your product information: multimedia with images, texts, audio and video. Supported by interactive functions and multimedia demonstrations you can present your products in a thorough way, yet easy to understand and without missing out on the details.
Your trade shows will become even more professional with customized content such as an integrated floor plan of your booth or a product recognition feature.

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Mobile Solution for Internal and External Sales Teams

Get your clients excited by using an innovative and modern way to present your products. Get your sales force excited by using a tablet-sized catalogue.
Product- and customer data, price information, shopping basket and – upon request – product configurations make up an intelligent sales tool. Using a modern tablet, you can take orders or requests in no time; leaving you with more time for what is really important: your customers.
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Customized Solutions

Individual requests? We customize catalogue app according to your needs, for example by adding animations, product configurations or integrating the app in your company’s software environment. 

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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