Wednesday, June 19, 2013


INSTALL (Android 2.2 or above)


Play 4Smiles to guess what Android imagine for you, practice your mind on fanny way to think logically. It's very challenging, try it and Have Fun!!!

Languages: English, German, Spanish, Croatian, Serbs, Macedonian.

The app consists of 5 sections:

The “New Games” just press this button to start new game.

The “Settings” section gives you an opportunity to set user name, to change background image, type of items, music, to view statistics, and choose level difficulty.

The “Demo” section.

The “Help” section gives instructions how to play.

“Exit” to finish game.

App screenshot


Играјте 4Насмевки обидете се да го погодите она што Андроид го замисли за тебе, и така вежбајте го вашиот ум на забавен начин како да се размислува логички. Тоа е многу
предизвикувачки, обидете се и Забавувајте се!

Јазици: англиски, германски, шпански, хрватски, српски, македонски.